2014 President’s Award Winner

Posted on October 8, 2014

As presented by Michael Barlett at the New Hampshire Audubon Annual Meeting, September 20, 2014.


Nancy Sycamore receiving the 2014 President’s Award from NH Audubon President, Michael Bartlett.

The President’s Award recognizes a strong friend of New Hampshire Audubon whose actions and commitment have significantly furthered the work of the organization. The recipient of the 2014 award is Nancy Mudge Sycamore.

Nancy has been a long time member of the Newfound Audubon Committee, an exceptionally active group of passionate volunteers dedicated to supporting the small staff and maintaining the grounds at our four Newfound sanctuaries, particularly our Paradise Point sanctuary.
Nancy, like NH Audubon, connects people with nature.

Dawn Lemieux, chair of the Newfound Audubon committee, wrote that…
“Nancy’s childlike enthusiasm for birds, other animals and the outdoors is contagious. She often drags friends, family and neighbors along for tours of the seasonal delights in the four Newfound sanctuaries.”

Nancy clearly enjoys connecting children with nature. Her daughter Debby writes…
“As a family we spent much of our time in New Hampshire – skiing King Ridge, Ragged or Cannon in the winter, spending summers on the island in Lake Winisquam or along the shores of Newfound Lake. No matter the season, our mother could always find something beautiful to look at or experience and encouraged us to do the same. The words “go outside” were a frequent mantra and we were always happier when we returned from the outdoors”

According to son Jonathan…
“It was no secret in our hometown of Millis, MA that Nancy Sycamore was the place to start if a vulnerable animal needed a temporary home. Once in our home however, these animals tended to stay. Guests that came to be family included a few skunks, a raccoon, an English Sparrow, several sheep (the source of the sheep failed to mention the two yews we started with were pregnant) a rooster and a flying squirrel.”

Daughter Kris writes…
“All of our animal experiences felt so normal. It wasn’t until I grew older that I realized how unique an experience mom gave us. As so many beautiful areas in the world continue to be vulnerable to development, I can only wonder if more people were exposed to the beauty and wonder of nature, as my mother did with all of us, that more advocates would be working to protect the special places in this world”

And finally, daughter Beth says…
“Whether we were hiking up Mt. Cardigan, blowing milkweed pods in a meadow, building boats out of sticks to race in fast moving streams, searching for newts under rocks or logs, caring for orphaned wildlife, or collecting pebbles, feathers, shells, leaves and other natural treasures to make into some sort of masterpiece at a later time, mom introduced us to the world of nature at an early age.”

Nancy’s son and daughters are lucky to have had such a wonderful introduction to the outdoors—and NH Audubon is very lucky that Nancy carried that passion for connecting people with the outdoors into her association with the Newfound sanctuaries.

I am proud to present the 2014 President’s Award to Nancy Mudge Sycamore.