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John James Audubon was not only an artist but a curious observer of nature. The subjects he chose to paint – birds and mammals, illustrated a passion that he had for the natural world. He … Read More

In the heat of summer lots of our birds are finishing up nesting and thinking about winter in the tropics. We will look for nestlings as well as early fall migrants, and you might be … Read More

Macro-invertebrates, such as aquatic insects and crayfish, abound in healthy rivers. Become familiar with these wild-looking creepy crawlies, and discover some of their amazing adaptations by observing them up close!

Family Fun Nights are for … Read More

Frightening as they may seem, parasites present us with an intriguing survival strategy and some very interesting behaviors. Learn about their redeeming qualities and mix up some of our secret tick repellent for a worry-free … Read More

The New England cottontail has been declining in the Northeast for several decades without a lot of public awareness. The presence of the introduced Eastern cottontail, which is difficult to identify without having the rabbit … Read More

Annual fundraiser relies on keen observers

Concord, New Hampshire – On May 16, teams of conservation supporters will be searching their backyards and wild places for bird sand flowers to support NH Audubon during its … Read More

Please join us at the Massabesic Audubon Center on Sunday, March 22 from 1-3pm to meet the students responsible for this exciting exhibit!

We are so pleased and excited to have the opportunity to exhibit … Read More


This bill appropriates money to the New Hampshire agricultural lands program.


SB61 Senate Testimony funding agricultural lands programRead More


This bill establishes a commission to develop a land conservation plan.


SB38 commission for land conservation strategyRead More


This bill requires the transfer of the fish and game department to the department of safety on or before July 1, 2017. The agencies shall develop a plan for the implementation of the transfer, … Read More