Peregrine Web Cam

Peregrine Monitoring Project

Female Peregrine Falcon, Brady Sullivan Tower, Manchester, NH, March 2008, photo by Chris Martin

NH Audubon is pleased to provide live streaming video of the Peregrine Falcon nest at 1750 Elm Street in Manchester, NH, with the support of our partners, SingleDigits, Inc and Brady Sullivan Properties.

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Timeline from the 2014 Falcon injury incident

4/25/14: There are 5 eggs in the nest now. The eggs should begin to hatch by mid- May.

4/18/14: The 2014 nesting season is back on, the female is now incubating the recently laid eggs.

4/16/14: It is now believed the first egg with the new pairing of the female and male appeared 4/14/14 with the second egg appearing 4/16/14.  The female does most of the incubating which takes about 33 days so middle of May before we see our first chick.

4/5/14: Around 12 pm April 5, another male was seen with the female. Not sure what this means for the 2014 nesting for this pair, but the female is still able to have eggs.
4/1/2014: On Saturday, March 29, Manchester’s male Peregrine Falcon, “Black/green 6/7,” suffered a broken wing and is currently under veterinary care. His mate had laid 4 eggs, but abandoned the eggs by Monday, March 31. Prognosis for the male’s return is unclear at this time. The female may attract a new mate within weeks… or even days. A number of unpaired peregrines are in our regional population and territorial vacancies are often filled quickly. Stay tuned!