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Female Peregrine Falcon, Brady Sullivan Tower, Manchester, NH, March 2008, photo by Chris Martin

Since 1981, NH Audubon conservation biologists and a legion of dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to advance Peregrine Falcon population recovery in New Hampshire. NH Audubon first became involved as organized releases of captive-bred falcons were ending and monitoring of wild-breeding pairs began. From a single cliff-nesting pair that fledged two chicks in Franconia Notch in 1981, to 19 breeding territories that produced a record-high 35 young in 2010, NH Audubon observers have been there for 30 years!

NH Audubon is pleased to provide live streaming video of the Peregrine Falcon nest at 1750 Elm Street in Manchester, NH, with the support of our partners, SingleDigits, Inc and Brady Sullivan Properties.

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2015 Season Updates

Sometime during this past winter, a new unbanded female Peregrine Falcon took up residence at the Brady-Sullivan Tower. She replaced “02/Z,” a black/green banded female Peregrine Falcon that was in residence since 2006 and was nearly 10 years old when she disappeared. Over the past calendar year both of Manchester’s resident Peregrines – the black/green banded male “6/7” and the female mentioned above – have been replaced by new individuals. At the end of March, we also noted a second male Peregrine challenging the new resident male for possession of the site. But, in spite of all this domestic upheaval, the breeding territory continues to be active, and we continue to watch for arrival of the eggs (we appear to be at 4 and counting!)  and the month of incubation which will follow.

6/29/15: The four chicks have fledged, one has met an early death from a collision with the building but the other three seem to be doing fine.

Visit the Webcam often to follow all the drama!