About the Department

NH Audubon’s Conservation Department is dedicated to using sound science to inform decision-making. Our work is varied, including research, management, monitoring, policy development, expert consultation, and citizen science. The Department includes two Ph.D. and five Master’s level scientists with more than 125 years of combined experience in wildlife ecology and conservation. We depend on a strong corps of volunteers to assist with our work. Department projects are funded by grants, contracts, and private donations.

Conservation Staff

Carol R. Foss, Ph.D., Director of Conservation

Diane De Luca, Senior Biologist – Coastal

Laura Deming, Senior Biologist – Wetlands

Pamela Hunt Ph.D., Senior Biologist – Avian Conservation

Vanessa Jones, G.I.S. Specialist

Chris Martin, Senior Biologist – Raptors

Rebecca Suomala, Senior Biologist – Avian Data Specialist