Wildlife Projects

Butterflies are widely recognized as important components of natural ecosystems.  Adults can be important pollinators, larvae can be major herbivores, and all life stages provide food to other wildlife species.  Many are specialists on one … Read More

Climate change researchers predict that rising global temperatures will dramatically impact ecosystems and many of the species they support. One such change that will undoubtedly affect many plants and animals is disruption of their phenology, … Read More

NH Audubon has joined state and federal agencies and other organizations to raise awareness of two invasive insects that threaten New Hampshire’s forests – the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) and the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). … Read More

Photo by Jon Woolf

The Annual Backyard Winter Bird Survey takes place the second weekend in February and is coordinated by NH Audubon. Participants report any bird species visiting their yard and/or feeders in New … Read More

Adult and chick, Orford, NH, May 2010, photo by Judy Lombardi

NH Audubon has been a leader in monitoring and management of the state’s recovering Bald Eagle population for over three decades. NHA conservation biologists … Read More

Saltmarsh Sparrow, photo by Len Medlock

At 5000 acres, the Hampton-Seabrook Estuary contains the largest amount of salt marsh in the state. These marshes, along with their associated tidal flats, provide critical habitat for breeding … Read More

Common Terns at nest, photo by Julie Klett

The Important Bird Area (IBA) Program is an international effort to identify areas that provide critical habitat to birds at some stage of their annual cycle, be … Read More

Purple Finch, photo by Jason Lambert

Early in 2010, NH Audubon and NH Fish and Game released a first of its kind report for New Hampshire. “The State of New Hampshire’s Birds” compiled data on … Read More

The NH Audubon Conservation Department is working with the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, and the White Mountain National Forest to protect the Bicknell’s Thrush … Read More

New Hampshire Bird Records is a quarterly publication produced by NH Audubon that is all about birds and birding in New Hampshire. To find out about the journal, read a free article, and connect to … Read More