February 17, 2011

Posted on February 22, 2011

A SPOTTED TOWHEE has been visiting a birdfeeder at a private residence in Peterborough for about 1-month, and was last reported on February 13th.

A TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE was reported feeding in fruit trees and in nearby treetops near the town library in Strafford on February 11th. The bird has been seen and photographed on several days since then and was last reported on the 17th. To try to see this bird, it is recommended that you stay in your car and view the fruit trees from a distance. 17 SNOW BUNTINGS and 70 COMMON REDPOLLS were seen in the same area on the 12th. The TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE that was being seen in Bow earlier this winter has not been reported for some time.

A BLACK VULTURE was seen in North Hampton on February 16th, and one was seen in Manchester on the 14th. There have been a number of TURKEY VULTURE sightings from the southern part of the state during the past week.

2 BARROW’S GOLDENEYES, an AMERICAN COOT, and a PIED-BILLED GREBE were all reported from the Connecticut River in Hinsdale on February 13th.

A NORTHERN SHRIKE was reported from along Route 9 in Dover on February 16th, and one was seen in Enfield Center on the 10th.

A GLAUCOUS GULL was seen in Seabrook in the parking area located just south of the Route 1A bridge on February 10th.

An ICELAND GULL was seen on the Merrimack River in Manchester on February 13th, and 16 GREAT CORMORANTS were seen there on the 11th.

2 RAZORBILLS were seen along the coast on February 12th, and 6 BLACK GUILLEMOTS were reported from the coast on the 14th.

A PINE GROSBEAK was seen along Nottingham Road in Deerfield on February 12th.

A flock of 25 EVENING GROSBEAKS was reported from Deering on February 17th.

2 LAPLAND LONGSPURS were seen with 44 SNOW BUNTINGS on the south end of Hampton Beach on February 12th.

A LAPLAND LONGSPUR was seen with an estimated 40 SNOW BUNTINGS and 15 HORNED LARKS behind the Agway Store in Walpole on February 17th. To view the birds at Agway, please request permission from the management to study the flock.

Highlights of COMMON REDPOLL flock sightings during the past week included 160 in Strafford, 50 in Webster, and 20 in Jaffrey. These flocks have been seen at birdfeeders.

Highlights of BOHEMIAN WAXWING flock sightings during the past week included 110 in Lincoln, 100 in Northwood, 40 in Plymouth, 40 in Conway, 30 in Holderness, and 10 in Concord. These flocks have been seen foraging in fruit trees.

2 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS were reported from Dover on February 13th.

A BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER was seen in Hampton Harbor on February 12th.

20 HORNED LARKS were reported from Durham on February 12th.

An EASTERN SCREECH-OWL was seen along Route 1A in Odiorne Point State Park in Rye on February 10th.

One or two PEREGRINE FALCONS continued to be reported from Nashua and Concord during the past week.

2 GRAY JAYS and a BOREAL CHICKADEE were reported from Crawford Notch on February 14th.

There were several reports of EASTERN BLUEBIRDS, CAROLINA WRENS, and RED-BELLIED WOODPECKERS during the past week.