Get out there!

Posted on May 17, 2017

President’s Blog: May 17, 2017

This week, I have been getting ready for NH Audubon’s annual Birdathon-Bloomathon fundraiser. During lunch and before work, I have been scouting the favorite birding locations around Concord—my Birdathon geography this year. Like much of New Hampshire, Concord is blessed with diverse conservation lands, woodland trails, and forest, river shore, and wetland habitat. The Merrimack River is also a well-traveled migratory route supporting a plethora of waterfowl and other species as they travel to northern breeding areas.

After almost a full year as president of NH Audubon, most of which I have spent learning the incredible diversity and history of our storied organization, I set a goal for myself, to get out more—to spend more time out of the office, birding! Yes, I also have an obligation to be the face of Audubon, which requires I appear at events, at the statehouse, meeting with partners and donors, and introducing myself and NH Audubon to new audiences. But whenever spring is in full bloom, my physiology shifts, especially when I hear an old migratory friend singing in the woods or outside my windows. My favorite is Hermit Thrush. The first time I hear that clear whistle and warbly song, my heart leaps and I know warmer weather is on the way.

Doug Bechtel birding on the Silk Farm Sanctuary grounds.

This morning, I saw or heard about 30 species in one hour before work. The warblers and other songsters are back, and the morning chorus is deafening. Perfect timing for Saturday’s Birdathon-Bloomathon! Wherever you are, get outside and experience your local habitats and enjoy the returning melodies of spring.

Get out more–you will be glad you did. I hope to see you out there!