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McLane Education Program Flier

McLane Education Program Flier

NH Audubon offers education programs for children of all ages. Our hands-on, inquiry-based programs correlate with the NH Frameworks for Science Literacy are offered at our Centers or at your location. Many of our educational offerings feature live animals. Groups we serve include the following:

For detailed information about program offerings, please download the McLane Education Program Flier, MAC Education Program Flier and the Amoskeag Fishways Education Program Flier.

MAC Education Program Flier

Daycare and Preschool Groups

Visit our Daycare and Preschool page to see the latest list of education programs.

Home School Families

Home school parents can find programs specifically design for home school students and families.

Amoskeag Fishways

Visit the Amoskeag Fishways education program page for programs that focus on river ecology and wildlife science.

Fishways Education Program Flier

Fishways Education Program Flier

Custom Education Programs

We can also work together to customize a program for a specific topic or age group. Please contact our Center Pro­gram Directors to discuss your ideas.

Educator Workshops

NH Audubon offers professional development opportunities for PreK to 8th grade educators. Our training provides opportunities for educators to experience and consider ways to extend their classroom to the natural world. Our training will cover important content for required science subjects and in some training we’ll share ways to incorporate science into the standard subjects of math, language arts, and social studies.


Visit the links below for NH Audubon and environmental education resources or visit the Amoskeag Fishways Teachers Page for information about upcoming training and workshop opportunities.

NH Audubon Ask the Naturalist page contains a wealth of information on a wide range of topics, including bird feeding, hawk watching, New Hampshire snakes, spiders, turtles, and much more.

Resources from the 2015 Fall Newsletter:

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Red Maple Leaf

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White Oak Leaf

Schoolyard News

A newsletter for educator members published in the spring, fall, and winter.