dePierrefeu-Willard Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Photo by Phil Brown.

At nearly 1700 acres, the dePierrefeu-Willard Pond Wildlife Sanctuary is New Hampshire Audubon’s largest property. Much of the land owned by NHA has come about through the foresight and generosity of Elsa Tudor dePierrefeu Leland and her family. Additional gifts, easements, and adjacent protected lands bring NHA’s lands in the vicinity to about 3,000 acres, and part of a “supersanctuary” that totals over 10,000 acres of protected land. There are several outstanding features of this sanctuary which make it a particularly enjoyable visit. Willard Pond, a beautiful and pristine body of water, is about 100 acres in size. Surrounding the pond are large hills, including Bald Mountain and Goodhue Hill, which have trails to their summits. Huge boulders deposited by receding glaciers, a diverse mixture of tree and plant species, and an abundance of wildlife make this sanctuary a unique and attractive area.

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