New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, July 17th, 2017

Posted on July 19, 2017

This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, July 17th, 2017.

A BROWN PELICAN was photographed on Seavey Island, one of the Isles of  Shoals, on July 11th.

A SANDHILL CRANE was photographed in Milton on July 12th.

2 MISSISSIPPI KITES continued to be seen at their nest site area in Newmarket until one was reportedly injured in a collision with a car and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center for treatment on July 13th. The prognosis for recovery is good.

2 immature LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS, and 2 immature LAUGHING GULLS were seen at Jenness Beach in Rye on July 11th.

An immature LITTLE BLUE HERON was seen in the salt marsh located on the opposite side of Route 1A from Odiorne Point State Park in Rye on July 15th.

A GLOSSY IBIS was seen along the coast in Rye on July 15, 2017. Wiki Commons photo.

A GLOSSY IBIS and a STILT SANDPIPER were also seen along the coast in Rye on the 15th.

A LEAST BITTERN was reported from World End Pond in Salem on July 15th.

There was an unconfirmed report of a RED-HEADED WOODPECKER seen near Pratt Pond in the Russell-Abbott State Forest in Wilton on July 16th.

8 PIPING PLOVERS were seen on Hampton Beach during the past week, and beach-goers are encouraged to give these small, endangered birds room to roam. The adults and chicks blend in with the beach, so please tread carefully!

LEAST TERNS continued to be seen nesting on Hampton Beach during the past week. Like the PIPING PLOVERS, these birds need space to successfully raise chicks so please be mindful when visiting the beach.

5 GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS were reported from the Concord Airport on July 14th.

5 PURPLE MARTINS were seen at Cross Beach Road in Seabrook on July 15th.

2 EVENING GROSBEAKS were seen in Richmond on July 11th.

This message is also available by phone recording: call (603) 224-9909 and press 4 as directed or ask to be transferred. If you have seen any interesting birds recently, you can leave a message at the end of the recording or send your sightings to the RBA via e-mail at: Please put either “bird sighting” or “Rare Bird Alert” in the subject line and be sure to include your mailing address and phone number.

Thanks very much and good birding.