New Hampshire Bird Records – Owl Harassment and What to Do

Posted on March 29, 2017

Western Tanager (top left), by William Kramer (, 1/31/16, Hollis, NH. American Redstart (top right) by Steve Mirick, 12/19/15, Greenland, NH. The bottom photo by Terri Fratus shows both Turkey Vultures and Black Vulture (right) on the Lincoln Street school chimney, 2/2/16, Exeter, NH (see the Superbowl of Birding article for more).

Everyone loves to see an owl but how do we do so responsibly? Many of us are asking that question, especially during Snowy Owl winters or when we find an owl roosting in a tree. We collected examples of owl harassment and discuss safe owl-viewing in the Winter 2015-16 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records.

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This Winter 2015-16 issue is a tribute to Pam Hunt, who is retiring as Winter Season Editor. Be sure to read her last season summary with all the highlights from last winter. You can also read about how much fun participants had in the 2016 Superbowl of Birding, as well as a summary of the Christmas Bird Survey by David Deifik.

Have you wondered why you aren’t seeing as many Evening Grosbeaks these days? Find out what we know about their decline. Learn something new about trail cameras and birds in an article by Eric Aldrich. Local expert Chris McPherson (discovered of the Redwing) describes where to bird in Hollis.

Does the term “foot quivering” make you curious? See what Brenda Sens was able to find out about this odd behavior. And don’t forget other enjoyable features such as the Photo Quiz, Field Notes, Photo Gallery, and an update by the NH Rare Birds Committee.

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