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Peregrine Falcon Webcam News

by Chris Martin, Senior Biologist

Despite how things look out there, spring breeding season for several of our local raptor species is fast approaching. Once again New Hampshire Audubon will feature the Peregrine Falcon Webcam on our Website. This webcam takes you right inside the peregrine nest box located atop the Brady-Sullivan Tower in Manchester, NH. We expect to see lots of activity at the nest box over the next 3-4 months, with falcons laying eggs in March, hatching chicks before early May, and fledging their young by early June.

First new egg 4-16-14Spectra Access, Inc., who generously supported this nest box camera system at Brady-Sullivan since 2003, has recently been acquired by Single Digits Inc., ( Single Digits is a leading global provider of High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) management and technical support. We would like to thank Single Digits for their continued support of the Peregrine Webcam in 2015.

2014 Peregrine Breeding Territories by Vanessa Jones.

2014 Peregrine Breeding Territories by Vanessa Jones.

The 2014 nesting season was full of surprises as the long-serving male was badly injured, a clutch of eggs abandoned by the female, a new male stepped in, and a single chick eventually fledged late in the season. Hopefully 2015 won’t include such drama. Visit our Peregrine Webcam page to learn more and take the Webcam link.

Manchester’s Peregrine Falcons are one of several urban peregrine pairs in New Hampshire, including territorial pairs found in Concord, Nashua and Portsmouth.  The remainder of the Granite State’s 22 known breeding pairs nest on cliff faces in the mountains and along major rivers.  Peregrines remain classified as Threatened on New Hampshire Fish and Game’s List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife.  New Hampshire Audubon has been involved in monitoring and management efforts for peregrines for more than 30 years.