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Plants With A Purpose

Posted on June 21, 2018

Celebrate the longest day by learning about gardening with plants that provide habitat to one of our most valuable little members of the community – the pollinators.  Find out which plants are loved by native … Read More

Intro to Pelagic Wildlife

Posted on May 26, 2018

Come enjoy a brief slideshow about some of the wildlife you might see just off NH’s coast. We’ll teach you how to identify some of our common pelagic birds as well as a few of … Read More

Bird Friendly Cafe – with fresh brewed coffee!

Posted on May 12, 2018

Bring your travel mug to the Fishways to learn about and sample coffee grown on farms in Central and South America that provide good, forest-like habitat for birds, especially birds that are migratory. Rather than … Read More

Junior Explorers: All About Nesting and Bird Eggs

Posted on April 4, 2018

Why do birds build different types of nests?  Why do they build in different places?  Learn the likenesses and differences of some common bird nests. Build a bluebird house to encourage nesting. We will check … Read More

The Current State of the Common Loon in New Hampshire

Posted on February 13, 2018

Have you ever wondered why a loon’s eyes are red?  Why do loon chicks ride on their parents’ backs?  What are loons saying with those eerie calls in the night?  Join biologist Harry Vogel as … Read More

Calling All Crows!

Posted on November 18, 2017
Learn to appreciate some of NH's most clever neighborhood birds

Saturday Nature Seekers: Clever Crows

Posted on November 11, 2017

Do you and your kids wish for an opportunity to learn about nature but have trouble finding the time? Stop by our center most Saturdays at 11 am for “short and sweet” mini-programs and fun … Read More

Abe Emerson NHA Wildlife Sanctuary Walk

Posted on October 22, 2017

Join Pete McVay, NH Coverts and NHA volunteer, and Sue Martin, NHA volunteer, on a walk through NH Audubon’s Abe Emerson Marsh to look for migrating birds and other signs of animals and plants preparing … Read More

Helping Birds Along the Way – Celebrate Migratory Birds

Posted on May 16, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 7:00 p.m.

In spring the natural phenomena of bird migration is heralded by the surge of songs, colors and new arrivals each day.  It’s a challenging journey for the birds, made possible … Read More

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD): Helping Birds along the Way

Posted on May 13, 2017

This special day focuses attention on one of the most important and spectacular events in the life of a migratory bird — its journey between its summer and winter homes. The tree swallow, yellow warbler, … Read More