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Wee Wonders: Looney-toons

Posted on March 21, 2018

I’m big and black and white all over. I have a most beautiful call and will dive deep for my dinner. What am I? A loon! These beautiful birds are arriving back to Massabesic and … Read More

The Current State of the Common Loon in New Hampshire

Posted on February 13, 2018

Have you ever wondered why a loon’s eyes are red?  Why do loon chicks ride on their parents’ backs?  What are loons saying with those eerie calls in the night?  Join biologist Harry Vogel as … Read More

All About the Common Loon

Posted on January 18, 2017

Join us at our regular meeting as Director Harry Vogel of the Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) and Center of Moutonborough, NH ducks out of his desk job and presents an insiders look of the efforts … Read More

Odiorne Point and the NH Coastline

Posted on November 19, 2016

From Odiorne Point to Hampton Beach State Park we will be looking for seabirds along the NH coast (e.g. Loons, Scoters, Eiders, Grebes, Gannets). Bring binoculars, a scope if you have one and pack a … Read More

Spirit of the Loon

Posted on June 21, 2016

Loons live with great passion and spirit. They are amazing bird parents, very gentle and loving with their chicks. Over the summer months those adorable loon chicks change a great deal. Come and experience the … Read More