Preschool Science Classes


Programs for preschool-aged children and parents are offered regularly during the school year at Amoskeag Fishways, and NH Audubon’s Massabesic Center. Nature-based preschool programs keep young children engaged through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery.

Preschool Science Classes at Massabesic Center in Auburn

Wee Wonders

Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am
Leader: Kim Murphy, Naturalist
Discover the changing seasons through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery. Please dress to be outside and wear appropriate footwear. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Classes are for ages 4-6.

Cost: Family Members $10 per class, Non-members $13 per class

Registration is required.  To register for Wee Wonders and Jr Explorers please visit our online registration page.

Please contact the Center at (603) 668-2045 or Tuesday through Saturday 9am-5pm with questions.

September 9: Honeybees

Would our gardens be so prosperous without the help of our insect friends? Come and discover who visits our gardens, and find out what special jobs they do- from pollination to honey production!

September 23: Hawk Watch

Look to the skies!  Today we will watch as some hawks soar on thermals, preparing for a long journey south, as others prepare for a long New England winter.

October 7: Speed of Seeds

Plants and trees may not have feet for traveling- but their offspring can sure move far! Seeds are on the move and we will explore how and what they might turn into!

October 21: Rainbow Leaves

What makes such a colorful display on our surrounding trees, and why lose their leaves at all? We will explore these, and other questions surrounding the beauty of New England’s rainbow leaves.

November 4: Animal Harvesters

There are many very busy animals this time of year preparing for the long winter season ahead. Let’s take a look into the lives of some of these animal harvesters, as we search the fields and the forest for foods.

November 18: Native American Stories

Early Americans had a very close relationship with nature and the Earth. Come and hear stories from some of North America’s first peoples as we learn a little about the lives they lived.

December 2: Homes for the Holidays

What kinds of winter homes and hibernacula will the animals be settling into? Today we’ll learn about a few different animals, and find out where they will call home for the winter holidays.

December 16: Nature’s Gifts

Food, water, and shelter are the Earth’s gifts to us… along with the beauty of all that share the planet with us. Today we will learn how to appreciate some of Nature’s Gifts- and make our own natural gift to take home with us.


Group Preschool Classes

Group preschool classes can be arranged through the McLane Center. Are you a preschool teacher looking for ways to enhance your student’s experiences or a parent looking to give the gift of nature to your child’s class?

Combine the program with a visit to the McLane Center or we will travel to your location. Please call 604-224-9909, ext. 333 to arrange a time and date.
Teacher: Kevin Wall
Available: Year-Round
Cost: $125; off-site programs add $.90 per mile for travel
Time: 45 minutes
Group Size: 25

Birds for Beginners

Introduce children to the basic parts of a bird. See and touch wings, feathers, bones, and beaks. Interactive experiences and a live raptor keep young students engaged.

New Hampshire Wildlife

Students learn about the diverse animal groups found in New Hampshire through visits with a live snake, turtle, bird, and mounted animals.