Preschool Science Classes


Programs for preschool-aged children and parents are offered regularly during the school year at Amoskeag Fishways, and NH Audubon’s Massabesic Center. Nature-based preschool programs keep young children engaged through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery.

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Preschool Science Classes at Massabesic Center in Auburn

Wee Wonders

Discover the changing seasons through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery!

Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am
Leader: Kim Murphy, Naturalist

Cost: Members $12 per class, Non-members $15 per class (per child/parent pair)

Classes are for ages 4-6.  Parents are required to stay and encouraged to participate. Please dress to be outside and wear appropriate footwear.

Pre-registration required for all classes.  Call us at 668-2045 or register online.

January 17: Life Under the Ice

Fish, frogs and turtles spend their winter under ice. Who else might we find in this wintery water world? Come and explore this hidden world, and meet some animals who live there.

January 31: Amazing Evergreens

Most trees are bare this time of year, but some still provide color to the wintry white forest. Come and explore the world of evergreens, and discover which animals rely on them for winter survival.

February 14: Burrowing Through Snow

As a layer of snow blankets the ground, some animals choose to burrow underneath. Today we will take a look under the snow to discover the fury of activity taking place as our smallest animals are struggling to survive.

March 7 Welcome Back Blackbirds

This is the time of year that red-winged blackbirds are returning from their winter vacations. Where had they gone? How do they find their way back? Why come back so early? Let’s take a walk outside to see their red displays and listen for their chatter!

March 21 Looney-toons

I’m big and black and white all over. I have a most beautiful call and will dive deep for my dinner. What am I? A loon! These beautiful birds are arriving back to Massabesic and other lakes around the state. Come find out more about the uncommon common loon!

April 4 Night Creatures

Just as you’re getting ready for sleep, there are many animals who are just waking up… Who are these night creatures, and what are they doing awake? Come and learn about the habits of a few of our nocturnal neighbors, including owls and bats and raccoons- oh my!

April 18 Signs of Spring

Are you feeling winter weary? Spring should be right around the corner, and we’re on a quest to find it! Let’s see if we can figure out some of the tell-tale signs of spring, and learn what to look for in the coming weeks as spring creeps in.

May 9 Vertebrates

About 5% of all animals on Earth have a backbone like us- we call them VERTEBRATES. Today we will look at the five classes of animals with an internal skeleton. Can you name all five? Come today to play some bone-matching animal games!

May 23 Invertebrates

About 95% of all animals on Earth are INVERTEBRATES- animals without a backbone or internal skeleton. Some may be soft and squishy, and some may have a hard shell or exoskeleton. There are over a million different kinds. Come today and learn about our incredible invertebrates, while we meet a few up close and personal!

June 6 Food Chain

What do you eat when you get hungry?  Is it the same thing that a deer eats, or an owl, or a frog? Why do some animals eat only plants and some eat only animals? Find out what the animals are eating now as we learn about nature’s food chains.

Registration is required.  To register for Wee Wonders and Jr Explorers please visit our online registration page.

Group Preschool Classes

Group preschool classes can be arranged through the McLane Center. Are you a preschool teacher looking for ways to enhance your student’s experiences or a parent looking to give the gift of nature to your child’s class?

Combine the program with a visit to the McLane Center or we will travel to your location.

Please call Shelby Bernier at (603) 224-9909 ext. 333 or send an email to for more information or to arrange a time and date.

Available: Year-Round
Cost: $125; off-site programs add $.90 per mile for travel
Time: 45 minutes
Group Size: 25

Birds for Beginners

Introduce children to the basic parts of a bird. See and touch wings, feathers, bones, and beaks. Interactive experiences and a live raptor keep young students engaged.

New Hampshire Wildlife

Students learn about the diverse animal groups found in New Hampshire through visits with a live snake, turtle, bird, and mounted animals.