Preschool Science Classes


Programs for preschool-aged children and parents are offered regularly during the school year at Amoskeag Fishways, and NH Audubon’s Massabesic Center. Nature-based preschool programs keep young children engaged through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery.

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Preschool Science Classes at Massabesic Center in Auburn

Wee Wonders

Discover the changing seasons through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery!

Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am
Leader: Kim Murphy, Naturalist

Cost: Members $12 per class, Non-members $15 per class (per child/parent pair)

Classes are for ages 4-6.  Parents are required to stay and encouraged to participate. Please dress to be outside and wear appropriate footwear.

JAN 18: Weathering Winter

Today’s New England winters may be cold, or mild. Snowy or bare. But there is one thing you can always count on: they are always unpredictable! Come and learn about some of the winter weather we may see in our state, and how it happens. Be prepared to go outside, as we will want to experience it first hand!!

FEB 1: Where Have All the Wild Things Gone

Have you ever wondered… what the animals do in winter? After a flurry of animal activity throughout the fall, the forest starts to feel quiet and empty. Today we will discover some of the things the animals have done to prepare for the winter to come, and where they may have gone!

FEB 15: Footprints in the Snow

From paws to hooves to feet to shoes, the movement of life can be seen on the snow.  We will explore animal footprints and find out who is making them!  We will play a foot matching game, practice moving like the animals, and use our own feet to create some neat foot art.

March 8: Sweet Taste of Spring

Who doesn’t love pancakes topped with pure maple syrup?! And this is exactly the time of year to make some – but do you know where this delicious sugary topping comes from? It comes from the trees! Let’s explore our sense of taste as we learn about the maple sugaring process, and hear how the animals enjoy this sweet treat too!

March 22: Babies of Spring

Hidden from View: Come out, come out, wherever you are! Animals have amazing ways of hiding from their predators in the habitats where they live.  Some change color, some blend in, others stand very still. Camouflage is one of the most important defenses a baby animal can have. Come play hide and seek as we find out about these animal baby hiders today!

April 5: Marsupial Moms

Have you ever seen a kangaroo or koala in NH? Well one of their relatives does live here- and she is one amazing mom! Opossums are our only marsupial. Moms give birth to bean size babies that she carries around with her everywhere in a pouch. Come and learn some amazing facts about these amazing moms.

April 19: Amphibians on the Move

Frogs and salamanders are on the move: awakening from their long winter sleep, and on a mission! Where were they all winter, and how could they survive? Why wake so early, and where are they all going now? Come and learn about some of the mysteries in an amphibian’s life.

May 3: Nesting Success

What better symbolizes spring than bird song, nests, and eggs! Birds all around us are getting ready to raise their young.  Join us as we take a close up look at all that goes into nesting success!

May 17: Eggs Left Behind

Not all babies need nurturing by their mom or dad- some babies are left to fend for themselves. In fact, many of these babies will never even see their parents. Today we will look at different egg-laying animals and learn about their babies’ lives. We’ll even meet some of our egg-laying classroom animals! Come and join the fun!

June 7: Metamorphosing Monarchs

Butterflies brighten up our fields and forests, and one of our most favorites is the monarch! Come and learn about the amazing life cycle of the monarch- we’ll explore the fields, search for their favorite food, play some butterfly games, and make a butterfly craft to take home.

Registration is required.  To register for Wee Wonders and Jr Explorers please visit our online registration page.

Please contact the Center at (603) 668-2045 or Tuesday through Saturday 9am-5pm with questions.

Group Preschool Classes

Group preschool classes can be arranged through the McLane Center. Are you a preschool teacher looking for ways to enhance your student’s experiences or a parent looking to give the gift of nature to your child’s class?

Combine the program with a visit to the McLane Center or we will travel to your location. Please call (603) 224-9909, ext. 333 to arrange a time and date.
Teacher: Kevin Wall
Available: Year-Round
Cost: $125; off-site programs add $.90 per mile for travel
Time: 45 minutes
Group Size: 25

Birds for Beginners

Introduce children to the basic parts of a bird. See and touch wings, feathers, bones, and beaks. Interactive experiences and a live raptor keep young students engaged.

New Hampshire Wildlife

Students learn about the diverse animal groups found in New Hampshire through visits with a live snake, turtle, bird, and mounted animals.