Nature Day Camp

Nature Day Camp

Hundreds of children explore the wonders of the natural world at NH Audubon’s summer and vacation camps.

We are very pleased to announce that NH Audubon’s 2021 summer camp will take place in-person for the full eight weeks! Camp will run from June 21 through August 13 at the McLane Center in Concord. Registration is now open, please use the registration button further down on the page.

***Due to limited staffing this summer, camp will not take place at Massabesic Center in Auburn. All campers are welcome to register, or switch their registrations, for McLane Center camp.***

For questions about camp, please contact Shelby Morelli by email or call 603-224-9909 x333.


NH Audubon Nature Camp

  • Enhance ecological awareness
  • Cultivate appreciation for, and stewardship of, our natural environment
  • Provide fun, safe, hands-on learning opportunities
  • Advocate inclusive learning environments
  • Build a sense of community and
  • Foster a collaborative, non-competitive atmosphere.

Financial Assistance is Available! NH Audubon is pleased to offer financial assistance to families who may be in need thanks to the contributions of members and past camp families, and generous donations from local organizations. Funding is available on a first come, first served and need-driven basis, with household income as a calculated factor. Please contact the camp office for an application.

Camp Discounts: NH Audubon Family Memberships include a 10% discount on camp rates for Explorers & Wonders aged campers. Become a member at the time of registration to help support NH Audubon’s mission and receive your savings.

COVID Guidelines: This summer, NH Audubon will adhere to the state’s COVID safety guidelines for summer camps.

Before and After Care: We will not be offering extended care this summer so that we can maintain the safety guidelines for COVID, as issued by the state for summer camps.

Summer Camp


June 21-August 13


For campers ages 4-15.


This summer we return to our regular nature day camp, in-person at McLane Center in Concord.


Wonders: $155 Member/$175 Non-Member
Discovery, Explorers, LIT: $250 Member/$285 Non-Member

Camp Programs

Wonders Camp (Ages 4–5)

9am–noon (estimated)
This half-day session gives your child the opportunity to begin experiencing the wonders of camp. Our instructors develop age appropriate activities that connect your little one to the natural world.

Discovery Camp (Ages 6–9)

9am–4pm (estimated)
Discovery Campers spend their days exploring the areas surrounding their homes to experience nature and make new discoveries. Activities include short hikes, pond explorations, craft making, storytelling, interactive nature-based games, and live animal presentations.

Explorers Camp (Ages 10–12)

9am–4pm (estimated)
This summer, due to COVID guidelines, Explorer campers will forgo the normal field trip structure to instead explore the wildlife and landscapes within the sanctuary, and work on projects focused on conservation and stewardship.

Leaders-in-Training (Ages 13–15)

9am–4pm (estimated)
Participants work alongside camp counselors to hone their skills as leaders. Learn how to plan the day’s activities and maintain the safety of your group. This is the perfect opportunity for those wishing to become future camp counselors. Participants must complete an application process and have finished grade 7. (Download application)

2021 Session Themes & Dates

Session 1: June 21-25

Theme: Buzz and Flutter
A week dedicated to things that fly.  Go for bird walks, catch bugs, and meet some of NHA’s winged friends up close. Explore the trails what flying creatures we can encounter.

Session 2: June 28-July 2

Theme: Be a Scientist
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a scientist? This week will include fun science experiments that you can do at home! Plus, learn how to identify different plants and animals, collect data, and record your observations in a nature journal.

Session 3: July 5-9

Theme: Survival
How does NH wildlife survive? Learn about animal competition for food and shelter, and play games to mimic adaptations. Build shelters, have a group campfire, and go on a hike to learn survival plant ID.

Session 4: July 12-16

Theme: Marvelous Mammals
What makes everyone’s favorite fur-covered animals so special? How do mammals differ from other animals, and which ones might we see in NH? Dress up like your favorite mammal and explore the fields and woods to look for tracks and other sign.

Session 5: July 19-23

Theme: Aquatic Adventures
Who needs water to survive? Take part in the H2Olympics, probe our ponds and vernal pools, and play water games. Learn about what we can do to keep this precious resource clean.

Session 6: July 26-30

Theme: Digging in the Dirt
Who lives underground? Do some soil samples, look for dirt-dwelling insects and other little critters, and hunt for salamanders. Learn how soil is created by the plants and creatures that live in it.

Session 7: August 2-6

Theme: Survival
How does NH wildlife survive? Learn about animal competition for food and shelter, and play games to mimic adaptations. Build shelters, have a group campfire, and go on a hike to learn survival plant ID.

Session 8: August 9-13

Theme: Creatures of the Night
Spend time learning all about the animals that come out at night. Talk about bats, owls, fireflies, and more, and discover how they have adapted to thrive in the dark. What’s your favorite nocturnal animal?

Summer camp registration is open, use this button to jump over to our online system.

April Adventures – 2021

Live Animal Talks - Zoom

Join Shelby Morelli for a live-streamed animal talk! She will feature a different animal every day – pick your favorite day or sign up for the whole week! The cost is $10/Members or $15/Non-members per link (day). Use the following links to register:

Red-tailed Hawk – Monday, April 26

Have you ever wondered what that big bird is, perched near the road? Well, join NH Audubon educator, Shelby Morelli, for a live animal talk and meet our resident Red-tailed Hawk. Learn all about these magnificent raptors via Zoom during our April Adventure week!

The Wonderful World of Snakes – Tuesday, April 27

Snakes are often feared creatures due to how they move and how they look. However, snakes are amazing reptiles! This live animal Zoom talk will highlight different snake features and some snake biology. Plus, Shelby will introduce you to our resident snake ambassadors! By the end, we hope you will no longer fear these wonderful creatures.

Bald Eagle – Wednesday, April 28

The Bald Eagle is a fascinating creature! Meet our ambassador Eagle with NH Audubon’s Shelby Morelli. You will also learn about what Bald Eagles eat, their habitat, and their biology. You’ll even get to see him enjoy his favorite activity, a shower! Join us with Zoom for this amazing live animal presentation during April Adventure week and meet our Bald Eagle.

Turtles – Thursday, April 29

What is our most common aquatic turtle in New Hampshire? Does New Hampshire have box turtles? These are two common questions people have here in the great granite state. Join us for a live animal presentation where you’ll be introduced to our ambassador turtles and these questions plus more will be answered!

Barred Owl – Friday, April 30

“Who cooks for you?” Well, ask the Barred Owl! Meet our most common owl species during this live animal presentation via Zoom. Owls are mysterious creatures, and everyone loves to find them. We will go over Barred Owl biology, diet, and where these great creatures live. Join us during April Adventure week to find out more.

Nature Walks - Massabesic Center

Join Christian Robinson for an in-person nature walk to explore Massabesic Center in Auburn. The cost is $10 members/$15 non-members/per person. Space is limited for safety during COVID times. Use the following links to register:

Vernal Pool Adventures – Monday, April 26

Spring brings wonderful snowmelts to our New Hampshire landscape. When the snow melts in the woods vernal pools arrive. This brings new life to the woods and they can become very loud! Join NH Audubon for a walk at Massabesic Center to learn about vernal pools and see what lives in them during the spring and early summer months.

Signs of Spring Tour & Scavenger Hunt – Tuesday, April 27

Spring is one of the most magical seasons we have here in New England. Plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, and migrating birds begin are visible and active once again. Join NH Audubon Massabesic Center on a walk and a scavenger hunt to find signs of spring. If you enjoy adventure, getting out in the mild, wet fields, and simply love the outdoors then enjoy an afternoon here at Audubon!

Early Spring Bird Walk – Wednesday, April 28

Bird migration is one of the most spectacular events in nature. Join us here at NH Audubon Massabesic Center to learn about spring migration. At the same time, enjoy a guided nature walk through the fields to find those beautiful birds that migrate through our land.

Pond Adventures – Thursday, April 29

Birds, beavers, reptiles, and amphibians all love spending their days either in the pond or near the pond. Have you ever gone out to find these amazing species but had no luck? Well, spend some time here at NH Audubon Massabesic Center to get your feet wet, your hands dirty, and lock eyes on the amazing critters in our pond.

Invasive Species Awareness Walk – Friday, April 30

What is the difference between a native and an invasive species? When does an invasive become native? These questions, among others, will be discussed during a tour of NH Audubon Massabesic Center fields and woods. Take a look at some of our invasive plant species and learn their identifiable marks to pick these pesky plants out of the crowd.

Photo, top: dip netting at Turkey Pond by Shelby Morelli, kids exploring the pond at Massabesic Center (staff photo), camp friends by Hilary Chapman.

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