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Upcoming Hearings

The committee hearing is the first opportunity to express your support for or opposition to a bill. You can do this by sending an email to the members of the committee, coming to Concord on the day of the hearing and signing in in support or opposition, or presenting written and/or oral testimony at the hearing. There are links below to Excel files with the emails for each member of the pertinent committees. You can copy and paste the address column into your email “To:” slot to send your message to everyone on the committee. Your message can be simple: “Dear Members of the [x] Committee, I am writing in regard to [HB— or SB—]. I urge you to [support or oppose] this bill because [your reasons]. The “Representative” column on the left of the spreadsheet links to the personal profiles of the representatives, in case you want to know more about them.

Hearings are held in the Legislative Office Building (LOB) and the State House (SH).


– House Fish & Game and Marine Resources (emails for this committee)
– House Resources, Recreation and Development (emails for this committee)

Please refer to the list of hearings, here.
To find out more details on a bill, look at the Bills of Interest page.

As the legislative season progresses, NH Audubon will maintain a list here of upcoming hearings and suggested actions you can take.