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NH Audubon’s Conservation Department has a long history of providing contracted services to state and federal agencies, municipalities, corporations, and individuals in need of ornithological and natural resource information.

Bird Surveys

Department biologists are experienced in standard ornithological field techniques for inventory and monitoring, including point counts, broadcast surveys, and spot-mapping, and are prepared to design and implement surveys for all New Hampshire habitat types and species groups. NH Audubon houses the most complete existing collection of historical data on New Hampshire birds, and biologists provide interpretive summaries for species, species groups, or geographic areas of interest.

Wildlife & Habitat Surveys

Department Biologists are experienced with surveying a variety of wildlife and habitats using appropriate techniques. These include insect surveys, reptile and amphibian surveys, wildlife habitat assessments, vegetation assessments, and natural resource inventories.

Raptor Management Assistance

NH Audubon’s Conservation Department staff has broad technical expertise in monitoring and management of various birds of prey, especially for those raptors currently or formerly on the NH State Threatened and Endangered Wildlife List. We offer advisory services and field solutions that are designed to promote successful habitat occupancy by raptors while minimizing the potential for wildlife-landowner conflicts.

Some examples include:

  • Consult on the design, construction, and placement of peregrine falcon nest boxes and nest trays on human-built structures such as buildings, bridges, and stacks.
  • Supervise moves of problem osprey nests, and advise on nest platform design, construction, and siting.
  • Work with land owners to identify potential bald eagle nest trees and manage active eagle nests effectively.
  • Advise private land owners and recreational groups on how to best manage recreational activity in vicinity of peregrine falcon nests.
  • Help owners of large field habitat determine appropriate mowing regime to encourage northern harrier nesting success

For more information, contact NH Audubon at 603-224-9909 or nha@nhaudubon.org.

Photos, from the top: conducting a bird survey, by Phil Brown; Spotted Salamander, by Laura Deming.