New Hampshire Audubon Programs

Programs for preschool-aged children and parents are offered regularly during the school year at Amoskeag Fishways, and NH Audubon’s Massabesic Center. Nature-based preschool programs keep young children engaged through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery.

Preschool Classes at Massabesic Center in Auburn

Wee Wonders

Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am
Cost: $9 M / $12 NM (per child/parent pair)
Leader: Kim Murphy
Discover the changing seasons through hands-on activities, songs, crafts, stories, and outdoor discovery. Please dress to be outside and wear appropriate footwear. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-Registration is required.

September 10: Shelters and Tents

Shelters help animals to remain safe from the weather and from predators. And we certainly feel safe and cozy in the comfort of our own personal tent or shelter when out in the forest at night. Today we will explore a few different kinds of animal shelters, and learn how to build a few of our own.

September 24: Camping with Critters

When out in the woods, you just can’t help sharing your campsite, your food, and maybe even your tent with a whole lot of critters! Let’s go out and explore our forests, fields, and pond for many of the different kinds of critters we often end up camping with!

October 8: Which Way to Go

Kids love treasure hunts! So why not learn some new skills while having fun, too? Today we will learn some basic map and compass skills, and put our newly learned skills to the test by seeking hidden objects and trying our hand at letterboxing with maps.

October 22: Hike Safe

Hiking and exploring is always a favorite camping activity – but it’s most fun when done with some planning and preparation. Today we will prepare for a hike by learning what to pack, how to stay safe, and what to do if we’re lost. And as we hike through our fields and forests, we will play some hiking games!

November 5: Night Creatures

Just as you’re getting ready for sleep, there are many animals who are just waking up… Who are these night creatures, and what are they doing awake? Come and learn about the habits of a few of our nocturnal neighbors, including owls and bats and raccoons- oh my!

November 19: Night Lights

Camping at night is anything but dark. There are many things alight to keep our interest well into the night: flashes from fireflies, sparkling stars, and even a campfire glow. Come today and learn about some of these nighttime lights.

Group Preschool Classes

Group preschool classes can be arranged through the McLane Center. Are you a preschool teacher looking for ways to enhance your student’s experiences or a parent looking to give the gift of nature to your child’s class?

Combine the program with a visit to the McLane Center or we will travel to your location. Please call 604-224-9909, ext. 333 to arrange a time and date.
Teacher: Kevin Wall
Available: Year-Round
Cost: $125; off-site programs add $.90 per mile for travel
Time: 45 minutes
Group Size: 25

Birds for Beginners

Introduce children to the basic parts of a bird. See and touch wings, feathers, bones, and beaks. Interactive experiences and a live raptor keep young students engaged.

New Hampshire Wildlife

Students learn about the diverse animal groups found in New Hampshire through visits with a live snake, turtle, bird, and mounted animals.