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Tracking and tagging migrating birds and butterflies through the Motus program

Zoom Link , United States

Find out about the Motus Wildlife Tracking System — a new research network that is revolutionizing the study of winged migration by tracking the movements of birds, bats, and even large insects that have been fitted with tiny radio transmitters (nanotags). The Motus network is dramatically increasing our understanding of the phenomenon of migration. Learn […]

In Search of the Northern Harrier: NH’s Grassland Hunter

Zoom Link , United States

Join NH Audubon raptor biologist Chris Martin for a discussion about NH’s state-endangered Northern Harrier. Sometimes called a marsh hawk, this magnificent raptor hovers and glides low over fields and marshes while hunting voles, snakes, and frogs. Harriers use hearing along with sight to find their prey. Their low buoyant flight, upswept wings, and white […]


Gardening in a Changing Climate

Zoom Link , United States

This presentation will familiarize participants with the impacts of climate change on our NH landscapes Focusing in on our own “backyards” and community spaces, participants will learn ways to adapt gardening to a changing climate and utilize gardening practices to reduce the impacts of climate change. Take away climate smart ways you can make a […]