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100 Years!

Did you know that continuous publication of bird records has been going on in New Hampshire longer than in any other New England state? Since 1921, New Hampshire Audubon publications have always included seasonal bird records in one form or another beginning first with the ASNH Bulletin, then through New Hampshire Bird News, New Hampshire Audubon Quarterly, New Hampshire Audubon, and finally New Hampshire Bird Records. Read about the history of published records of New Hampshire bird sightings, how they were collected, and who was involved, in the Winter 2006-07 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records (“A History of New Hampshire’s Published Bird Sightings” begins on page 50).

Other articles in this issue include: Winter Birding at Pickering Ponds, Effects of Wind Power Installations on Birds, Spotlight on Spruce Grouse, field notes from the 2006-2007 winter season, and of course a Photo Quiz! Enjoy them all!

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Stay Safe – Stay Healthy!

New Hampshire Bird Records is providing free access to its archives during the Covid-19 outbreak to help birders find information on birding locally and to remind us of the joy of birding.