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All Persons Trail Opens in Concord on Oct. 15

All Persons Trail Opens in Concord on Oct. 15

Marc Nutter takes James Piet and Pat Vincent-Piet on a ‘test run’ of the new All Persons Trail at Silk Farm. Photo by Parker Schuerman.

Join us for a Grand Opening celebration on October 15 at 9am.

NH Audubon is proud to celebrate the opening of our newest accessible trail, here at our headquarters in Concord. Conservation Director, Marc Nutter, initiated the project with successful funding from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in 2021. The trail was installed this summer with trail designer and planner, Lew Shelley of Snowhawk, LLC,  who teamed up with our Lands Director, Parker Schuerman to complete the project in record time.

Parker recently conducted a “test run” of the trail to get some pointers and ideas for improvement from a few families with mobility and access requirements:

“Marc and I reached out to Venessa Blais, Project Manager from NH Council on Developmental Disabilities, who introduced us to some fantastic neighbors. James Piet and Pat Vincent-Piet live close to Silk Farm Wildlife Sanctuary and Deodonne Bhattarai and her son, Bodhi are also local.

“Our test riders enjoyed the nature trail around the pollinator meadow. Bodhi, who I believe is 8, said it was a little bumpy, but he seemed to enjoy the experience, since he gave his mom a kiss when we returned. James Piet gave NH Audubon a grade of “B”, because he didn’t want the fun he had with Marc and I to make us too arrogant! He also pointed out ‘room for improvement’ in the orientation and placement of signage, the compaction and smoothness of ramps onto and off the trail, and the opportunity for shade and places to sit and enjoy lunch or nature.”

Deodonne Bhattarai explores the trail with her son, Bodhi. Photo by Parker Schuerman.

After some adjustments from the test run feedback, the trail is ready and open for use. We will be gathering for a brief Grand Opening celebration followed by what we do best – a Birding for All Outing. All are welcome to experience the new trail with us on Saturday October 15 at 9am, with enough time to explore the trail, break for lunch, then head over to Able NH’s “Disability Justice Parade” in Manchester.

Bring your binoculars, or we will have some to borrow for the outing. RSVP on our event calendar, here.