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Beginners Welcome!

The month of May has a lot to offer those who want to get involved in birding and, perhaps, hesitate to attend birding walks as a beginning birder. NH Audubon has opportunities to get field experience with some amazing birders across the state who are leading events aimed specifically at introducing bird watching and identification skills.

Family Bird Day (May 11, Concord): Guided bird walks and skill stations teaching bird identification, how to use binoculars, and more.

Beginning Bird Walks, Pickering Ponds (May 12 and May 15; Rochester, free): Explore this popular birding spot with NH Audubon’s Seacoast Chapter.

Weekly Bird Walks for New and Novice Birders (May 17, 24, 31; Concord): Relaxing morning bird walks at McLane Center; binoculars available for use.

Beginning Bird Walks, Strafford County Farm (May 19; Dover, free): Walk on the Don Black Trail and a check on an Osprey nest with NH Audubon’s Seacoast Chapter.


Bob Quinn and a group of beginner birders (Dyanna Smith).

For a more immersive beginner class, join Bob Quinn for his Beginning Bird Identification Series, starting on May 7 in Concord. This introductory class is ideal for people newly interested in birds who want to learn how to identify our local birds. During field and indoor lessons you will learn how to identify at least 100 of our most common birds. The focus will be on basic identification skills and the spring migrants but we will also cover topics from binoculars and bird books to basic bird biology. Besides the pleasure and satisfaction of figuring out “What bird is that?” you will learn:

  • Simple techniques to help identify almost any bird.

  • Identification clues based on habitats.

  • Why birds sing and its importance.

  • Where and how to find birds.

  • An update on choosing binoculars and books.

Beginning birders are ALWAYS welcome on field trips – but we hope that these special beginner events will be just the thing to get new birders out exploring nature with us!