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Braving the Cold

Here in the Northeast we’re used to saying goodbye to our summer songbirds as summer fades into fall, and by winter we’re checking out finches and grosbeaks, juncos and sparrows. But the winter of  2019-2020 brought surprising visitors that survived temperatures down to the single digits! Christmas Day was brightened by a Bullock’s Oriole in Stratham and a Yellow-breasted Chat in Portsmouth. December to January saw Tree Swallows in Seabrook, and February saw a Painted Bunting in Albany! Read all about these sightings (with photos) in the Winter 2019-2020 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records (“Painted Bunting in Albany!” and “A Bullock’s Oriole in My Yard” on page 28; “64 Days of The Yellow-Breasted Chat” on page 30, and “Tree Swallows in the Snow” on page 31).

Other articles in this issue include: Winter Birding at Trudeau Road, New Hampshire County Quest 2019, Breeding Plumage American Goldfinch in mid-winter…again, field notes from the 2019-2020 winter season, and a Photo Quiz. Enjoy them all!

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Stay Safe – Stay Healthy!

New Hampshire Bird Records is providing free access to its archives during the Covid-19 outbreak to help birders find information on birding locally and to remind us of the joy of birding.