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The 109th Annual Meeting at NH Audubon


Osprey Migration – Follow the Tracks (Free article in the new issue) Have you wondered where our Osprey go in the winter? Between 2011 and 2015, fifteen Ospreys were fitted

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Kestrel IPA coming to NH

We’ve teamed up with True North Ale Company to help bring their exceptional Kestrel American IPA into New Hampshire! Mass Audubon partnered with the brewery last spring to launch the

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A Duck of the Woods

As female ducks go, this one is pretty straightforward. The small crest and white area around the eye are diagnostic of Wood Duck, better known for the particularly stunning male. Wood

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Nature Camp is On!

We are very pleased to announce that NH Audubon’s 2021 summer camp will take place in-person for the full eight weeks! Camp will run from June 21 through August 13.

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2020 Rusty Blackbird Breeding Season

Breeding Rusty Blackbirds were found at 40 sites in 2020 with confirmed fledging from 17 nests. Researchers continue to follow Rusty Blackbirds with nanotags including the female pictured above that

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