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Remember NH Audubon in Your Will Or Trust

Remember NH Audubon in Your Will Or Trust

“Seven years ago, when I moved to New Hampshire, I became more aware of NH Audubon’s mission, learning about the hugely important role it plays in educating young people about the natural world. As our environment comes under increasing stress, the importance of NH Audubon in educating young people — and people of all ages — about the natural wonders of New Hampshire became clear to me. Not only did I want to become a NH Audubon volunteer, but I also wanted to contribute in a more meaningful way. In line with that, I am making provisions for NH Audubon in my will, to help continue its work of educating our next generation of environmental stewards. Maybe you will consider doing the same.”

Charlie Nims,
NH Audubon Trustee, member of Legacy Society

While the future holds many uncertainties, we can be sure that environmental challenges will not go away. More than ever, we will need the best science, public policy, and thoughtful decision-makers. When you leave a bequest to NH Audubon, you join our Legacy Society to help ensure that our conservation science and nature education will continue. New Hampshire’s wildlife will have strong advocates for years to come.

You can make a bequest to NH Audubon by creating a new will, adding a codicil (amendment) to your existing will, or naming us in your living trust. You can make a specific gift to NH Audubon of cash, securities, real estate, or other property through your will, codicil, or trust instrument. You can also designate NH Audubon as the beneficiary of all or part of the remainder of your estate or trust after the payment of estate-related expenses, other bequests, or following the death of a spouse or other primary beneficiaries.

If you plan to leave a gift to NH Audubon through your will, you can share the following sample language with your attorney:

I give and bequeath to the Audubon Society of New Hampshire, 84 Silk Farm Road, Concord, New Hampshire [___ percent of my estate; OR the sum of $______ from my estate; OR all the rest, residue or remainder of my estate.] This gift may be used for [general purposes OR at the discretion of the Board of Trustees; OR for ____ purpose(s).]

For legal purposes, NH Audubon’s corporate name is the Audubon Society of New Hampshire. NH Audubon is an IRS-approved 501(c) (3) charitable organization. Our federal ID is 02-6005322.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Legacy Society of NH Audubon, please contact Hope Jordan, Director of Membership and Development, at hjordan@nhaudubon.org or by calling 603.224.9909 x 307.

Feel free to mail us at
NH Audubon
Attn: Development
84 Silk Farm Road
Concord, NH 03301

Photos, from the top: Semipalmated Sandpipers in Hampton, by Pam Hunt; Barred Owl, by Mark Karl.