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Donor Highlights

Donor Highlights

New Hampshire Audubon is so grateful to all of our donors and members who support us financially. Two community members who are especially generous with their time promoting our organization made special gifts this summer…

Thank you Courtney (left) and Juel (right) for supporting NH Audubon in these special ways!

Courtney Cranshaw, a recent graduate of John Stark Regional High School, reached out to us when she started planning her senior project. “I chose to build birdhouses because I wanted my project to have an impact on my community, not just me. I chose NH Audubon as the recipient of the proceeds from selling the birdhouses because they are a wonderful organization working across the state to help protect and provide for the many bird species we have and their habitats,” says Courtney. Courtney is inspired by birdhouses built by her grandfather and she hopes to continue to develop her bird house designs as she starts college this fall.

Juel Sheridan, owner of New Perspectives, a dance studio in Hooksett, hosted an open house for the public in April. The event had an earth-based theme and included intro classes and a student showcase. Each year Juel chooses a local nonprofit to donate to in lieu of entry fees. “We like to give back to the community we live in. Many of our students are active in the outdoors and are animal and nature lovers,” says Juel.

Thank you Courtney and Juel for supporting NH Audubon in these special ways!