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Dovekies and Puffins and Murres-Oh My!

Dovekies and Puffins and Murres-Oh My!

It’ll be a while before our songbirds return and you’re yearning to go birding – but why wait ‘til spring? Winter birding on the ocean, especially a well-timed off-shore trip may bring spectacular sightings – Dovekies, Razorbills, Kittiwakes and more! A February 2014 off-shore trip resulted in plenty to see as recorded in a field trip report in the Winter 2013-14 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records (“Winter Offshore -Dovekies!” begins on page 28).

Other articles in this issue include: Winter Birding in Urban Nashua-Beyond the House Sparrow, Rock Pigeon and European Starling; Superbowl of Birding Adventures with the “Twitchers in the Rye;” Photo Gallery-Snowy Owl Extravaganza; field notes and photos from the 2013-14 winter season; a photo quiz and much more. Enjoy them all!

From all of us at New Hampshire Bird Records,

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy!

New Hampshire Bird Records is providing free access to its archives during the Covid-19 outbreak to help birders find information on birding locally and to remind us of the joy of birding.