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Backyard Winter Bird Survey

Backyard Winter Bird Survey

The Annual Backyard Winter Bird Survey takes place the second weekend in February and is coordinated by NH Audubon. Participants report any bird species visiting their yard and/or feeders in New Hampshire.

Originally begun as a “Cardinal-Tufted Titmouse Census,” it was expanded in 1987 to gather information on the distribution and abundance of many winter species in New Hampshire.

Click here to learn more about the Survey, how to participate, past results, and other information.

Project Leader: Rebecca Suomala

Note: The Backyard Winter Bird Survey is different from the national Great Backyard Bird Count which often takes place on the same weekend. We encourage feeder watchers to take part in both counts. More information on the Great Backyard Bird Count is available at http://www.birdsource.org.

Photos from the top: Beginning birding class outing by Dyanna Smith, Northern Cardinal by Sandra McNeff.