Birds and Birding

Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count takes place every year in designated areas called “count circles”.

These circles are 15 miles in diameter and stay the same from year to year. International in scope, the Christmas Bird Count is organized and compiled by the National Audubon Society, who coordinates all count circles so they don’t overlap.

There are 21 counts in New Hampshire, and they are open to all interested birders. Many are run by NH Audubon Chapters. Each count picks its own particular survey day between December 14 and January 5. Teams go out and survey sections of the count circle, but there are also feeder watchers within the circle who tally the birds in their backyards.

See a list of the state’s Christmas Bird Counts and who to contact if you are interested in participating.

Photos, from the top: Beginning birding class outing by Dyanna Smith, Tufted Titmouse by Walter Keane.