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Egret! Heron!? Egret?

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Egret! Heron!? Egret?

It’s hard enough trying to identify those white-plumaged egret-like members of the heron family, and at this time of year it’s even more confusing! Is that juvenile you’re looking at a Snowy Egret or a Little Blue Heron? These two species are surprisingly similar and at this time of year often misidentified. Don’t drive yourself to distraction, get an in-depth lesson on the similarities and most importantly, the differences that separate the similar species of this fascinating family of birds and particularly the two juveniles in the photo quiz from the Summer 2016 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records (“Photo Quiz” on page 1, answer on page 38).

Other articles in this issue include: Birding Durham-Snack Stops Included; Spotlight on Cory’s Shearwater; Bayle Mountain-Bears, Bobcats and NIghthawks; and photos and field notes from the 2016 summer season. Enjoy them all!

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New Hampshire Bird Records is providing free access to its archives during the Covid-19 outbreak to help birders find information on birding locally and to remind us of the joy of birding.