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Identifying Bird Sounds with the Merlin App

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Identifying Bird Sounds with the Merlin App

The Merlin App is a new, exciting tool to help identify birds by sound. It’s simple to use but there are a few tips that will help you use it most effectively. Merlin is very good, but it makes mistakes, and a visual confirmation can be important. Learn more in an article by Iain MacLeod in the Fall 2021 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records.

For eBird users there’s also a free article about Documenting Rarities.

The issue has the summary of the Fall 21 birding season – remember the Harris’s Sparrow, Black Tern, and Magnificent Frigatebirds? There’s also the regional report on Sullivan County and Lake Sunapee and lots of great articles in the issue, including:

  • A Hybrid Flycatcher in Dover by Stephen Mirick
  • A Lazuli Bunting on Star Island…. Again! by Rebecca Suomala
  • Northern Gannet Blown Off Course by Kathryn Frieden
  • Fall 2021 New Hampshire Raptor Migration Report by Iain MacLeod
  • Chasing Rarities by Jon Woolf
  • Birding from Gorham to Errol, NH by Robert A. Quinn
  • Concord 2021 Nighthawk Migration by Rebecca Suomala
  • What to Watch for in Fall

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Fall 2021 Cover Photo: A rare hybrid flycatcher believed to be a Couch’s/Tropical Kingbird x Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, found in Dover, NH. Top photo by Ken Faucher, 11-14-21; bottom right by Steve Mirick, 11-15-21; bottom left by Paul Kursewicz, 11-14-21.