Chase Wildlife Sanctuary

Samuel Myron Chase Wildlife Sanctuary

675 Acres
4 Miles of Trails
Hopkinton, NH

In 1931, Samuel Myron Chase left to a trust fund sixty-three acres of wooded land in the town of Hopkinton. Chase’s death in that year “brought to an end the direct ‘male line of one of the community’s oldest and wealthiest families,” according to a 1931 issue of New Hampshire Audubon.

Samuel Chase had a life-long interest in and concern for wildlife and wished his land to be held in trust as a greenbelt around the town of Hopkinton, “where the axe – of the lumberman shall never ring again, and where New Hampshire bird life, wildflowers, and animals shall be protected in perpetuity.” The seed he planted has led to steady growth of the sanctuary, which, with the most recent donation in 1995, is approximately 550 acres today.

Combining the Chase sanctuary with other protected lands in Hopkinton, the “greenbelt” Chase envisioned those many decades ago is slowly coming to fruition. In 1997, the Trustees of the Chase Trust determined that the best long-term strategy for the management of the sanctuary would best be accomplished by the Audubon Society of New Hampshire”. The land was subsequently transferred to ASNH with the original provisions and stipulations for its care intact.