Paradise Point Wildlife Sanctuary

Paradise Point Wildlife Sanctuary at Newfound Audubon Center

43 Acres
2.5 Miles of Trails
Hebron, NH

Paradise Point Nature Center and Wildlife sanctuary, located on the north shore of Newfound Lake, includes 43 acres with 3,500 feet of rocky, unspoiled lakeshore.

In the early 1960s, Colonel and Mrs. Alcott Elwell gave this property to the New Hampshire Charitable Fund, who donated it to the Audubon Society of New Hampshire in 1966. Through a challenge grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Fund, contributors, and volunteers, Paradise Point Nature Center was constructed in 1969 to offer environmental education services to people of all ages.

Newfound Lake is a glacial lake that is noted for its depth, clarity, and purity. A deep river valley before the glaciers, the ice sheet scoured it deeper and then filled the valley with glacial debris. The debris dammed that water to form a very deep lake – even deeper than it is now – and presently it reaches a depth of 180 feet. Evidence of the glaciers can be seen throughout the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary’s varied habitats entice many neo-tropical bird migrants each spring and summer. Many Warblers, Thrushes, Vireos, and Scarlet Tanagers have been found here.

The marked trails at the Sanctuary are open year-round from dawn to dusk.

Seasonal note: the parking lot is not plowed in winter and may be icy from fall through spring.

Photo, top: view of Newfound Lake from Paradise Point, by Phil Brown.