Smith Pond Bog Wildlife Sanctuary

Smith Pond Bog Wildlife Sanctuary

59 Acres
-- Miles of Trails
Hopkinton, NH
Sanctuary Map

The 59-acre Smith Pond Bog Wildlife Sanctuary is made up of a diverse mosaic of wetland habitats surrounding Smith Pond.

This kettle hole pond, named for James Smith who settled nearby in 1765, covers almost eight acres. A kettle hole pond is created when a block of ice, buried in soil left behind by a retreating glacier, eventually melts and creates a deep, steep-sided pond.

Smith Pond Bog is open throughout the year during daylight hours. Although the trails are not currently maintained because of beaver activity, walkers can view the pond from the adjacent Beyer Property where an old logging road leads to a view the bog. The sanctuary’s primary purpose is to protect vital habitat for wildlife and plant life.

(From Hopkinton NH Conservation Land and Trails, Smith Pond Bog Wildlife Sanctuary)

Photo, top: Smith Pond Bog view, by Phil Brown.