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Main All-Access Trail Construction Completed at McLane

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Main All-Access Trail Construction Completed at McLane

(by Parker Schuerman)

On October 4, 2023, the new bridge and all construction actions were completed around the all-access “Forest Experience” Trail with our partners Lew Shelley from Snowhawk, LLC and Chris Olsen from Sapwood, LLC. Most of the construction equipment was seen leaving the site, yesterday afternoon on a flatbed trailer. With that exodus, all Silk Farm Wildlife Sanctuary trails are again open in Concord, NH. Please, excuse our mess. Some areas around the trails still need some clean up and some parts of the trail still need some compaction. This compaction will happen with the coming weekend’s rain. However, the trails are open and all clear for your Autumnal enjoyment.

This accessible project was funded by an NH Recreational Trails Program Grant, the Fields Pond Foundation, and members like you! The construction of this all-access “Forest Experience Trail” will open up our primary Autumn event, The Enchanted Forest, along a pathway that anyone with mobility-assisted needs can experience. When asked about the vision behind this trail, Marc Nutter, our Conservation Program Director, expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “I’m so proud that this flagship event of ours will now be accessible to anyone who wants to participate and safer for everyone out on the trail.” So come and visit us, whether during this event, or while investigating fall foliage. We will be working on new maps and new educational materials to help you navigate the changes in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience during our one-month construction process of this new trail. Now get outside and enjoy!