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Mississippi Kites Nesting in New Hampshire

Mississippi Kites in Stratham, by Steve Mirick.

Mississippi Kites are a beautiful bird typically found in the southeastern and south-central US but amazingly there’s a northern breeding outpost in New Hampshire. Read about their discovery and what’s been learned over the last 13 years in an article by Steve Mirick in the Summer 2020 issue New Hampshire Bird Records – now on the website.

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·         Summer 2020 Field Notes, Diana Stephens Editor

·         Fish Crow Predation by Scott Heron

·         Identify Your Rose-breasted Grosbeak by Rebecca Suomala

·         Bluebird Helpers by Diana Stephens and Rebecca Suomala

·         Osprey Fledging at Great Bay NWR by Steve Bennett

·         A Virginia Rail in Epping? by Greg Tillman

·         The Pine Siskin and the Goldfinch

·         A Very Surprised Sanderling by Jon Woolf

·         Pandemic Backyard Birding by Iain MacLeod

·         Nesting Stories by Robert A. Quinn

·         A Birdbath with Karma by Ruth Smith

·         Answer to the Photo Quiz by Susan Wrisley – Eastern Wood-Pewee versus Eastern Phoebe

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Photo: Mississippi Kites by Steve Mirick, Stratham, NH.