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Motus at Massabesic

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Motus at Massabesic

What’s pinging the tower?

One of the really fun things we get to do now that we have a Motus receiving station at Massabesic Center, is to check and see what flies past. In order for our tower to pick up the signal, something with a nanotag must fly within 10 miles of it. Since the tower went up last month, we’ve had five detections: two Hermit Thrush, two Swainson’s Thrush, and one Blackpoll Warbler. The map above shows just how amazing this can be to see – our Blackpoll was just nanotagged on April 11 in Columbia (yellow arrow), pinged a tower in Delaware on May 27, then flew by Massabesic two days later on May 29.

You can keep an eye on our tower, too, at this link.

See the Bird of the Month feature for June for more on the amazing Blackpoll Warbler – a champion among migrant songbirds!

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