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NH Audubon Receives Grant to Promote Birding in Coos County

NH Audubon Receives Grant to Promote Birding in Coos County

(by Becky Suomala)

Male Spruce Grouse (Bob Quinn)

NH Audubon has received a grant from the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation to promote birding in northern Coos County. The County has terrific birding – once you know where to go and how to bird the area and when. The grant will allow NH Audubon to partner with bird guide Bob Quinn to produce a “Guide to Birding in Northern Coos County” and promote birding in the region. The Guide will feature the 60 top sites to find the special birds of the County, focusing on the Errol, Colebrook, and Pittsburg plus sites to visit from Gorham to Errol and Littleton to Pittsburg.

Birding is often best during the “shoulder seasons” when tourism is slow, especially April to early June. Detailed information in the booklet on birding at these times will benefit both birders and tourism. Bob Quinn has been birding in the region since the 1970s and has led many birding trips to northern Coos County through his company Merlin Enterprises. In the fall NH Audubon will feature a free webinar by Mr. Quinn on birding in the region.

“Birder visitation so far has been just the tip of the iceberg in Coos County,” said Mr. Quinn. “There is tremendous potential for growth with this grant. The Guide also fits with the Tillotson Fund’s goals for sustainable economic benefits. Birders bring income to the region without having an adverse impact on the resource and can help conserve what makes northern Coos County so special.”

“NH Audubon is pleased to partner with the Tillotson Fund and Bob Quinn to provide information that will promote birding in Coos County,” said Marc Nutter, Director of Conservation Programs at NH Audubon. “Birders also contribute data on bird occurrence in the region helping us make good conservation decisions. This is a terrific project that is a win-win for birders and the County and conservation.” Check the NH Audubon website for future information on the fall webinar and the publication.