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Osprey Migration – Follow the Tracks (Free article in the new issue)

Have you wondered where our Osprey go in the winter? Between 2011 and 2015, fifteen Ospreys were fitted with lightweight GPS transmitters at nests in New Hampshire, as part of a project sponsored by the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Read about where these birds went and what happened to them in an article by Iain MacLeod in the Spring 2022 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records now available online. (Follow the link to see the full contents.)

Osprey by Debra Powers.

All four 2022 issues of New Hampshire Bird Records are sponsored in appreciation of Steve and Jane Mirick for all that they do for the birding community. The Spring 2022 issue also marks the first available in a digital format. There’s never been a better time to subscribe!

Spring 2022 Contents:

  • Spring Season: March 1 through May 31, 2022 by Eric Masterson
  • Regional Report, Spring 2022
    • Sullivan County and Lake Sunapee by Dylan Jackson
    • Coos County by Robert A. Quinn
  • Spring 2022 Field Notes, Kathryn Frieden, Editor
    • Iceland Gull Escapes a Bald Eagle by Kyle Wilmarth
    • American Oystercatcher Behavior photos by Jim Sparrell
    • The Three Trillers of Early Spring by Chris McPherson
    • Black-throated Blue Warbler Visits a Feeder
    • Eastern Phoebe Reclaims Nest by Sallie Barker
    • Black Vulture Makes a Home Visit by Andrew Cornell
    • Peregrine Falcon Using Osprey Nest by Kathryn Frieden
    • Aerial Show in Kensington by George W. Gavutis, Jr.
    • Lapland Longspur in Breeding Plumage
  • Big Day in May by various authors
    • Cheshire County Big Day by Pam Hunt
  • A Northern Lapwing in New Hampshire by Stephen R. Mirick
  • “Glockenspiel,” the Glaucous Gull by Rebecca Suomala
  • Late April Snow Concentrates Migrants by Robert A. Quinn
  • Field Trip Report
    • NH Audubon “Tri-State Pelagic” to Jeffreys Ledge by Stephen R. Mirick
    • Deer Hill Wildlife Management Area by Scott Heron
    • Warbler Wednesdays by Blake Allison
  • Easter Birds and Cans by Kurk Dorsey
  • Satellite Tracking of Fifteen NH Ospreys by Iain MacLeod [FREE ARTICLE]
  • Birding the former Laconia State School campus by Rob Woodward
  • Simple, Cheap DIY Wildlife Microphone by Iain MacLeod
  • Black Vultures Expanding in New Hampshire by Pam Hunt and Steve Mirick
  • What to Watch for in Spring

Photo: Osprey by Debra Powers.