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Our Peeps: Kimmie Whiteman

We are pleased to introduce our new Massabesic Center Director, Kimmie Whiteman. Kimmie is a product of two coasts, having spent her formative years in both southern California and the mid-Atlantic region. She has a wealth of background in environmental education, managing volunteers, and park operations from almost a decade spent between the Maryland Park Service and NH State Parks. Kimmie has fond memories of being “that” ranger, quick to stop you in your tracks to point out an eagle flying by or to explain the importance of the mud dauber nest in your picnic shelter.

We hired Kimmie while still figuring out how to operate during the pandemic (May 2021) and asked her to manage both environmental education and animal care at Massabesic Center, plus take on the role of interim director because of staffing challenges due to COVID-19 complications. During that short time it became clear that Kimmie would be a great Center Director and we are so proud and happy that she has assumed that role full time. One of Kimmie’s big recent accomplishments was getting the Massabesic Center ready for our Annual Meeting on September 18 and re-opening the Center to the public on October 28. The Center had not had a large event in months, but it looked great for both the annual meeting and re-opening thanks to the many hours of work Kimmie put in getting ready. WELCOME Kimmie!