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Our Peeps: Raven

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Our Peeps: Raven

On August 24th, 2022, our beloved old friend, Raven, passed away of natural causes. For almost 20 years, he has delighted visitors, volunteers, and staff as an Animal Ambassador at Massabesic Center with his social and inquisitive behavior.

We don’t know how old Raven actually was. We do know that he was already an adult bird at the beginning of the century, when he was nursed back to health by Maria Colby at Wings of the Dawn Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Found on a roadside as a victim of a presumed vehicle strike, Raven unfortunately suffered a broken wing that could not be fully repaired enough for him to ever sustain long-distance flight again. Raven briefly lived at McLane Center in Concord before transferring to Massabesic Center in 2003. Ravens typically only survive for a few years in the wild, but can live for more than 30 years in captivity.

Ravens are highly intelligent animals, and our Raven was no exception.  Over the years, he seemed to befriend the neighborhood wild Ravens, often calling to them and sharing his food when they landed on the top of his enclosure. These social interactions, along with daily puzzle feeders and training sessions provided to him by staff and volunteers, kept him mentally active. Raven seemed to thrive most when the center was bustling with field trips and campers. Sometimes, he put the bell from one of his toys on his head while staring through the building window and lightly clucking at whoever was manning the front desk.

While his antics were amusing and lovable, Raven had an important job as a NH Audubon Animal Ambassador. As a champion for his species, he taught people about the dangers of throwing food scraps and other waste out of car windows. He taught us about Raven life history and biology. He fostered connections, love, and respect for not only Ravens, but all birds and wildlife. He brought visitors to the Center and helped advance our mission of protecting NH’s environment for wildlife and for people.

Raven will be sorely missed.