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Over 160 Species Tallied During Birdathon

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Over 160 Species Tallied During Birdathon

NH Audubon’s first-ever “Local Birdathon” on May 9-10 was a great success!
Over 150 people expressed interest, and by Monday evening we’d received species lists from 116 of them. These people braved snow (up to 9″ in southern Coos County!) and strong winds to look for birds all across New Hampshire, and together we’ve tallied over 160 species so far.

Coverage area of over 150 people joining in the Local Birdathon 2020 on May 9-10. Map by Pam Hunt.

The most frequently-reported species – each with over 100 reporters – were common yard birds including Black-capped Chickadee, American Robin, American Goldfinch, and Blue Jay. At the other extreme, there were 31 species reported only once. Many of these were from along the coast, including a very rare spring sighting of a Long-billed Dowitcher. Other totally unexpected species were a Common Gallinule and Horned Lark, both in Concord.

Red-breasted Grosbeak seen in Concord during Birdathon 2020, photo by Rebecca Suomala.

Top honors in this year’s Birdathon go to NH Audubon’s very own Phil Brown, who found 92 species entirely by foot and bicycle in the town of Hancock on Saturday – despite snow, wind, and a flat tire. More Birdathon highlights will be forthcoming once the data are fully compiled and checked, but in the meantime it’s never too late to pledge.