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Peregrine Falcon Update 2021

(Chris Martin)

NH Audubon staff and volunteers found 26 territorial pairs of state-threatened Peregrine Falcons in the Granite State in 2021, up 8% over 2020. A total of 40 young falcons fledged statewide, second only to 2018’s record-high of 43. Over 30% of NH’s Peregrine pairs now occupy human-created structures, including buildings, bridges, stacks, and quarries.

‘Black/green 90/BU’ shows off for the camera on Plum Island in September 2021 (George Woodland).

Recently one young falcon that fledged in 2020 from the Brady Sullivan Tower in Manchester was ID’ed at Plum Island on the Massachusetts coast. Photographer George Woodland snapped a stunning photo of 17-mo old ‘Black/green 90/BU’ now sporting full adult plumage. Each one of 65 fledglings from Brady Sullivan since 2001 has been leg-banded, and we’ve had follow-up encounters with 48% of them so far! Other 2021 highlights included returning a rehabilitated juvenile to its parents at Polar Caves in Rumney and collaborating with climbers to band chicks at Russell Crag in Woodstock, the first banding done there since 2008.

NH Audubon works on Peregrines in partnership with NH Fish & Game, who provides grant funding to support management activities. We also receive support for monitoring and educational outreach from the Dorr Foundation and from individual donors. Thanks to all our partners for your support!