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Peregrine's Eye View

Raptor Biologist Chris Martin shares these images of a trip to Franconia Notch last week in search of Peregrine Falcons.

“Climbing upslope to a gully by the Eaglet Spire (top photo), I found an adult male and an immature-plumage female Peregrine in courtship,” Chris says.

Eaglet Spire and the view from Franconia Notch, by Chris Martin.

He expected signs of incubating, but instead found this pair out and flying around for long periods of time. “She was vocal and conspicuous in a way that a nesting bird wouldn’t be.”
Up at falcon level, Chris had an eye-to-eye view of the new female as she perched nearby waiting for a food delivery. Since this area successfully fledged young last year, it is a mystery what may have happened to the previous female, or where this one came from.
The old woman of the mountain’s profile shows an opposite view, over Chris’ shoulder.

“She is last year’s fledgling from somewhere.”

Chris adds: “The day was lovely and the scenery spectacular in this out of the way corner of the Notch.”