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Policy Update

(by Carol Foss)

The New Hampshire General Court has considered all proposed legislation in its chamber of origin and winnowed the number of bills crossing over for consideration by the other chamber. Of the 92 bills (67 House, 25 Senate) the NH Audubon Policy Committee identified to track at the beginning of the legislative session, 37 (16 House, 21 Senate) have survived crossover.

Of the bills that did not survive to cross over, 32 (30 House, 2 Senate) were retained in committee, 17 (all House bills) were voted Inexpedient to Legislate, and 5 were Laid on the Table.

Among the bills that were killed outright (Inexpedient to Legislate) were five that we opposed:

  • HB141 would have allowed dogs to run off leash on hiking trails in state parks and state forests

  • HB165 would have eliminated biomass from the renewable energy portfolio

  • HB448 would have raised the daytime speed limit on “the Broads” of Lake Winnepesaukee to 65 m.p.h.

  • HB498 would have required NH Fish and Game Department Conservation Officers to obtain a warrant before conducting search and seizure actions

  • and HB 592 would have exempted temporary and small impervious surface impacts from wetlands permitting

We will keep you informed of any upcoming actions that the public can take regarding the bills that survived the crossover.

Interested readers can check on the status of any bill on the General Court website.