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Raise Your Voice in Support of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

(by Carol Foss)

For many years, NH Audubon staff have been collaborating with the National Wildlife Federation, NH Fish and Game Department, and MANY other agencies and organizations throughout the United States in support of dedicated federal funding for non-game wildlife in need of conservation. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) would provide such funding. If passed, this legislation will make federal funding available for state conservation and restoration programs for fish and wildlife species of greatest conservation concern.

Cliff Swallow chicks in their nests, August 2021, by Pam Hunt.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act can make a huge difference in New Hampshire by supporting efforts to conserve declining species identified in the Wildlife Action Plan for which no funding is currently available. The National Wildlife Federation has just released an online petition for individuals to sign urging the Senate to vote on and pass this legislation before the end of the current session.

Sign the petition here.

New Hampshire’s wildlife in need of conservation thanks you!

Photos: Cliff Swallows (Pam Hunt).