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Returning to the Light

Returning to the Light

by Doug Bechtel

Today is Winter Solstice, which means the light is returning. Thank goodness! For thousands of years this day has been marked by many faiths as the turning point towards renewal, regrowth, and all the hope spring brings with it. However, today is also only the first day of our “calendar” winter, and cold days and long nights are still in our future. I love winter: skiing and snowshoeing, following wildlife tracks in the snow, and watching birds at my feeder no matter the temperature. The joys and wonders of nature and wildlife really have buoyed me through this challenging year.

I think I can safely say we all share the strong desire for the season of COVID to end, as soon as possible. But please remember that it is still with us; be safe and healthy through this winter and then we can all enjoy being together again in person, when the light fully returns. Thanks for being part of our Audubon Family, thanks for your support during these challenging times, and I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Chickadees, photo by Julie Klett.