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The Rockingham Recreational Trail, Newfields Section: “Green Heron Pond” to “Bobolink Fields”

Between these two eponymous locations lies a hot-spot for birding. The 4.4 mile Newfields section of the Rockingham Recreational Trail provides great birding spots within reasonable walking distance of several access points. From a pond reliable for spotting Green Herons to a field of Bobolinks, you’ll find mixed woodlands, a river crossing and a large marsh all home to a variety of birds. For a map, details on getting there, and what you’ll find check out the Summer 2020 issue of New Hampshire Bird Records (“The Rockingham Recreational Trail, Newfields Section” begins on page 26).

There are lots of other great articles in the issue, including Is it a Yellow-billed Loon?, Nesting Stories, A Birdbath with Karma, a photo quiz, and more. Enjoy them all!

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