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Upland Sandpipers

Upland Sandpipers: Wildlife Project
Upland sandpiper nest at Pease

NH Audubon and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (NHFG) have been working in cooperation with airfield management to monitor and protect the upland sandpipers at the Pease International Tradeport since 1990. In addition, NHFG and NH Audubon have worked with the airfield personnel and USDA Wildlife Services to identify wildlife hazards and attractants on the airfield and make recommendations to minimize these hazards.
Pease Airport is the only remaining breeding location for upland sandpipers in NH, although sightings from Dover, Manchester, and southern Coos County in the last decade imply that birds are still visiting appropriate habitat elsewhere in the state. Airports are also critical breeding grounds in the adjoining states of Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. Regionally, the upland sandpiper is of conservation concern in every northeastern state where it occurs.
With support from the Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division, NH Audubon, NHFG, Wildlife Services and airport management are cooperating in a two year study of upland sandpipers at Pease. The objectives of this project are to evaluate potential upland sandpiper habitat in close proximity to the Pease Airfield; complete a thorough analysis of current nesting habitat; and work with airfield and land managers to develop a strategy that continues to provide nesting habitat for the endangered upland sandpiper but minimizes breeding in areas of concern.
We hope that what we learn here may be applied at other airports where there is cooperative management of these birds.
Project Leader: Diane De Luca